Who We Are

Serenity Oaks was established in response to the national opioid crisis. We are working as a part of the solution, helping to provide hope and relief to patients suffering from opioid dependence in San Antonio. With years of experience, our staff seek to restore lives through compassionate care and comprehensive outpatient treatment. We understand that opioid dependence affects individuals from all social and economic walks of life as well as their families and loved ones. The Serenity Oaks staff works to help people find stability in the midst of the chaos caused by opioid use and opioid use disorder.

About Dr. Coco

Claire Coco, MD, has been a Board Certified Family Medicine physician since 2002. She graduated from Texas A&M medical school, and completed residency at Texas Tech, El Paso. She practiced in Louisiana for 7 years, worked as a VA physician for a year, and in Hawaii for a year, working with Kaiser/ Permanente in the Maui Lani clinic. She and her family returned to Texas in 2012, and she worked from 2012-2017 as a solo Family Physician. She has worked with New Braunfels Psychiatry since 2014 and Lone Star Medical Management since 2016, with a focus on treating patients with Adult ADHD and opioid dependence.

Our Method

Our Suboxone® treatment program at Serenity Oaks is used in conjunction with therapy as well as aftercare and support to combat opioid dependence. This FDA-approved drug reduces the adverse effects of withdrawal and minimizes associated risks while providing maximum relief for patients.

Customized treatment services include monthly sessions with a doctor, physical therapist and a psychiatrist – all at one location. Personalized doses and other medications deemed necessary are based on scientific insight and tailored to each patient. Our outpatient therapy creates a sense of ease, convenience and accessibility that allows Serenity Oaks patients to continue to live their lives while they recover.

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