The Effects Of Suboxone On Your Emotions

When recovering from addiction, not only will your body experience physical side effects, but so will your emotions. While on suboxone, there can be a shift of different emotional and behavioral changes that characterize your days.

Tolerance to suboxone varies case by case, but we share some of the most common emotional reactions and ways to deal with them. Keep reading to learn more.

Mood Swings

When undergoing suboxone treatment, it is not unusual to experience constant mood swings. One moment you might be laughing through your day when some minutes later you’re overcome by intense sadness. Despite this not being an ideal combination of emotions, it is a known side effect of the treatment. How to deal with it? Try to avoid getting overwhelmed by unpredictable emotions and keep yourself entertained with different activities that distract your mind from these mood swings.

Confusion and Distress

Another common emotional state that derives from suboxone treatment is the usual feeling of confusion and/or distress. It is not odd to forget things, which results in feeling stunned multiple times a day. To avoid feeling agitated and stressed, that can come from this state of confusion, practice meditation activities such as breathing exercises or meditation to relieve any stress.


The emotional ambiguity that you might encounter from treatment can influence behavioral changes such as constant cravings to unusual foods. These cravings can eventually result in physical lack of energy or pains, so it is important to learn to recognize the play of emotions into bursts of hunger. A good tip is aiming to reduce spurs of behavioral changes by engaging in other activities such as physical exercise,mind-focused activities such as reading and puzzles, or in case of wanting to satisfy cravings, aiming for nourishing options instead.

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