Why Choose Serenity Oaks – San Antonio Opioid Treatment Center?

1) Expertise and Education

We’ll help you to understand the impact of opioid dependence, so we that we can work on a solution together.


2) Doctor Access

Monthly office visits help us to review your progress, anticipate problems, and guide you through recovery.


3) Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Suboxone works to remove cravings and withdrawal symptoms, clearing your mind for other activities.


4) Support

We assess each of our patients for therapeutic needs and make recommendations and referrals as needed.


5) Monitoring and Accountability

We utilize official (state and national) drug monitoring programs, drug screenings in office, and random drug screens to provide points of accountability.


6) Motivation

We set individualized recovery goals for each of our patients.


7) Boundaries, Expectations, and Rules

Our medical practice follows uniformly applied policies in order to maintain the principles of good medical practice.


8) Compassion

Our patients are treated with respect and dignity. We are working one person at a time to change the stigma associated with opioid dependence.


Give us a call today to start your recovery journey at (210) 549-4333.

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